If you’re a small business owner and you’ve ever tried to get a mortgage, chances are you’ve run into some sort of issue that’s made the whole process even more stressful than it already is.

  • Your accountant has prepared your accounts not knowing you’re going for a mortgage, so profit isn’t as high as it could be
  • Your mortgage advisor doesn’t understand how you take money out of the business
  • You need your accounts done to a very tight deadline and your accountant isn’t moving quick enough
  • Your mortgage advisor doesn’t understand that there are much more options available than just your earnings for the mortgage

Small Business owners are a different breed, and they are often ignored and/or ripped off when it comes to mortgage brokers. No one provides a proper solution to their specific needs, so they are ill advised by trying to squeeze them into a box that they just don’t quite fit into.

Like our sister company has done before us with accountants for small businesses, Diverso Mortgages was born to fill this massive void.

We help small business owners find the best mortgage solution possible based on their specific needs. We’re full market lenders and the best part is we’re founded by accountants, so we understand how the earnings work for small business owners.

If you’re sick of not fitting in the right box, get in touch today and book a call to chat about your requirements.